Genre: Dark Comedy
When Ian Guffery is informed that M.I.T. has placed him on a wait list he visits the other students on the list hoping that his passion for education will convince them to give up their position. Ian accidentally kills the first student. After a moment of shock, horror and disbelief, he realizes that he's one step, one spot, closer to his dream. Ian decides to visit the next person on the list.
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Coming of Age
Details. This is what intrigues Wilson, Victoria. Unable to pinpoint his natural gifts and abilities at a young age Wilson turns to the one thing he knows he can govern, himself. The organization of his cloths, music, books his personal hygiene and even his dialect. He can control these things and he is good at it. The new question is how does that translate into a profession. With the help of an overachieving guidance councilor and his friends and family, he stumbles into the one thing he has always wanted, a future.
Genre: International Thriller / Action / Crime
An aging FBI agent attempts to unravel a bizarre plot to assassinate every politician at the next A.P.E.C. summit in Japan.
Rima Greer - Above the Line Agency